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White Linen Sachet Bag with<br>Bullion Embroidered Daisies and Fancy Hemstitching

This White Linen Sachet Bag with back opening has a cheerful spray of embroidered daisies and fancy hemstitching. The outer edge of this sachet has a single row of hemstitching. This small square bag measures approximately 5" x 5" and the inner pouch area , inside the single row of hemstitching, measures about 3.25" x 3.25". This style bag has an open top sachet pocket accessible from the back. This bag is made from white 55% Linen/45% Cotton fabric. Add your own Potpourri, Lavender, or other sweet herbs to create a fragrant sachet. You could also simply add a bit of stuffing and a hanging loop for a room decorating pillow or use this as a small gift bag. The back may be left open or sewn closed (a few hand stitches would work best). If you wish to permanently close the top, try a few small dabs of clear craft glue (I recommend Aleeneís Brand Craft Glue) or try convenient iron-on adhesive tape (try Therm O Webís Heatín Bond brand). These products can be found at your local craft or sewing shop or through online shops.

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White Linen Square Sachet Bag with Daisy Embroidery
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